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DUREL polymer spring systems—simply superior

Our patented manufacturing process is proprietary to DUREL in Europe and exceeds conventional techniques by far. Our springs are made of leading high-performance polymers, which are modified to obtain the particular characteristics of our products.

The distinguishing features of our polymer spring and damping systems are their compact fitting dimensions and their unrivaled damping and energy absorption properties. Our products are maintenance-free and offer excellent resistance to extreme climatic conditions. The performance of DUREL springs has been proven at temperatures between -76°F and 122°F (-60°C and +50°C)* and due to their longevity under the most extreme conditions, they are in use worldwide. (*in appropriate material selection – Talk to us about your ideas and business goals.)

Plus, DUREL springs provide for great traveling comfort and safe transportation.

Moreover, our manufacturing processes allow for a highly flexible production. This flexibility enables us to provide large quantities for mass production as well as smaller quantities for prototype construction or for short-term repairs.

For traceability, all of our spring components include a specific DUREL tracking code. Additional tracking codes are available upon request.

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